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Growing Disciples - Transitional Kindergarten

Our Growing Disciples Transitional Kindergarten (TK) students are those students who need an extra year of preschool because their birthdays fall between September 2 and December 31 or they are seeking a Maturity Waiver to delay entrance into kindergarten. This class meets 5 days a week from 9:00 -1:00.

Growing Disciples:

  • Further develop social skills through cooperative play; encourage and support a classroom environment of Faith-based core values such as kindness, love, respect, and empathy; promote ownership/leadership through classroom “jobs.”

  • Encourage self-help/independence by becoming comfortable with independently completing arrival and dismissal routines; perform bathroom/hygiene routines independently; independently putting on coats, packing backpacks, putting papers in their folders, opening drink bottles/pouches independently, disposing of trash, using basic table manners.

  • Further develop literacy through continued reinforcement of upper and lowercase letters; writing first and last name in proper Kindergarten format; learning sight words - 25 words are introduced and reinforced.  The goal is exposure and beginning retention of these words. The words are consistent with those taught in Kindergarten. Pre-reading/emergent reading skills. Students identify the parts of a book using academic vocabulary, They make predictions about the content in a book prior to reading the story, checking for comprehension, identifying the conflict or problem in the story and its solution.

  • Introduce and reinforce math concepts reviewing shapes; continue reinforcement of number recognition and counting skills; begin developing number sense --- making sets of values to 20; create and finish patterns; introduce tally marks as a means of counting, introduce addition and subtraction.

  • Introduce functional classroom and courtesy Spanish vocabulary such as greeting, please and thank you, counting to 20, colors, etc.

  • Further the child’s musical appreciation through finger plays and  songs, as well as gross motor movement with music will be used to enhance classroom themes.  

  • Encourage opportunities to use science to enhance the thematic unit will be included, such as mixing colors, growing sprouts, observing the transformation of the caterpillar to butterfly, weather patterns and seasons..

  • Class is limited to 14 children

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